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Everyone would prefer not to wear a condom, but now more than ever they are essential wear and we all know the reasons why we should. The trick is to find a condom that is as enjoyable as possible, easy and safe to use and interferes as little as possible with your enjoyment. After all, it sometimes takes a lot of time and effort to get to that all important moment...

As Skins are ultra thin and ultra clear they are very natural looking when on meaning he can concentrate less on the fact he’s wearing a condom and more on performing the job in hand. That horrible latex smell usually associated with condoms is bad enough to put any one off their stroke, that’s why Skins have been infused with a scent, making them more pleasing to the senses. Skins are extra lubricated, which means that they are less likely to split and are a lot more comfortable when on. Skins are the closest thing to wearing nothing. Skins Natural condoms are the same thickness as most other brands ultra thin condom. Skins Ultra thin condom is therefore even thinner than that!

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